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ARCH 576: Future Cities & The Utopian Project
by Harriett Green - Last Updated Jan 29, 2015
A guide to research resources for ARCH 576.
architectural details
by Christopher Quinn - Last Updated Jan 28, 2015
Architectural Details Guide lists all related publications regarding this subject matter.
Architecture Journals at Ricker Library
by Christopher Quinn - Last Updated Apr 14, 2015
A Guide to Professional/Trade Architecture Journals, Academic Architecture Journals, and Important/Significant/Relevant Ceased Architecture Publications
Energy Efficient Schools and Students Topic Hub
by Laura Barnes, Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable - Last Updated Oct 22, 2014
Energy efficiency and alternative energy in schools and curricula
ExploreCU Contributor's Guide
by Sarah Christensen - Last Updated Nov 3, 2014
Information on how to submit content for use in ExploreCU
Green/Sustainable Building
by Laura Barnes - Last Updated Jul 16, 2014
A guide to resources related to green building and sustainable architecture
Videos on City Planning and Architecture
by Office of Information Literacy - Last Updated Jan 8, 2013
Videos covering the topics: Land Use Planning and Law, Landscape Architecture, City Planning and Urban Renewal, Cities and Towns, Urban and Regional Theory and Analysis, Community Development and Neighborhoods, Zoning, and more.